Rails Performance Monitoring as part of CI

Track your apps performance via your Test Suite & stop slow downs before they're deployed

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How it works

Add your project

Install the GitHub App & you'll receive a dashboard for monitoring your Ruby on Rails application.

Install the Gem

Add our gem to your test suite, every time you run your test suite it will report performance metrics to PigCI.

See results

Commits that exceed a normal threshold will be marked as a failure, you can then review the results to find out why.

Supported Frameworks

Ruby on Rails

PigCI currently supports Ruby on Rails, tested via Rspec.


Open Source


always free for public open source

  • quick and easy setup
  • integrates with workflows


For the first 100 users

everything from Free tier, plus:

  • Special early adopter pricing
  • includes private repos


for GitHub Enterprise users

  • store data on your own servers
  • premium support